7 June 2012

No Pain - No Gain, Bitches.

Yesterday was National Running Day.

I was able to rack up a nice little 17.86km's. During a thunderstorm, in the forest. There is not too many smells as intoxicating as a forest during rain. SO good. That puts me at a total of 715 km's so far since January 1. My goal of 1500 for 2012 doesn't seem so far now!

What's better though? My husband surprising me by meeting me halfway! That is why I love the guy. I never would have finished as strong if he wasn't there, it definitely pushed me through.

My legs don't love me today however, and I had a terrible sleep because of it.

No pain, no gain bitches.

That is all for now.

6 June 2012


de·flate v. de·flat·edde·flat·ingde·flatesv.tr.1.a. To release contained air or gas from.
b. To collapse by releasing contained air or gas.
2. To reduce or lessen the size or importance of: Losing the contest deflated my ego.
3. Economics
a. To reduce the amount or availability of (currency or credit), effecting a decline in prices.
b. To produce deflation in (an economy).

Yes, I think it's safe to say all of the above completely relates to my life at this very moment. Let me explain.

1 (a) I woke up this morning after yet another night of restless sleep, dragged my self into the bathroom - no friggin' toilet paper. Great. Out to the van - flat fucking tire. Awesome.

1 (b) Once I arrived at work this morning I noticed my worst case scenario has been realized. My yoga ball has deflated. After a year of service. It's funny because yesterday afternoon when I left for my lunchtime walk all was ok - I noticed when I returned that my ball seemed a little sad. I'm certain that our Health & Safety nazi representative stuck a pin in it while I was gone. She hates that I have it - and debunks all positive research that has been done. Whatever. Now I'm stuck sitting in a regular office chair until I can find the time to get a new ball - and I can already feel my lower back screaming.

2. On my way in this morning I was listening to a man on the radio speak. He lost his legs in a tragic accident years and years ago - and this Monday he'll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money to help with the water crisis is Africa. This increased the nagging feeling I have in my gut, I want to do something. I need to change something.

3 (a) Before work this morning, and at the very moment I realized I had a flat tire - 1 kid needs $15 for a school trip, one needs $17 for a grad dance and something else, I have no idea..and another one needs $45 for a grad dinner and yearbook - oh wait, and bus tickets. So, off to the store I go.

3 (b) That's all I have for now, but it was free.

5 June 2012

Hot Off The Press (I work at a newspaper, this is fitting)

8 things that are pissing me off right now. They are PMS exaggerated, but relevant none the less. (not in any particular order)

  1. I am sitting at my desk staring at my computer. I seem to ALWAYS be doing this. No further forward, same old thing day after day. I'm bored and uncreative at work and its getting tiring. I should do something else, but at least for the immediate future I have security and benefits and not such a bad pay cheque. ho hum.
  2. My bedroom is a disaster. Like, a 15 year girl snuck in and dumped my clothes all over the place. It's terrible and I don't know how my husband doesn't yell at me. Maybe he understands that after all of the things that have to be done every single day the least of my worries is clothes on the floor of the one room you can close the door to and expect no one else can see it. I think they say the state of your bedroom reflects the state of your mental health or something like that - and yes, I am messy in my head. This morning I woke up and looked around and thought if tomorrow morning I didn't wake up - THIS is what the paramedics would have to trudge through just to get my stinking dead body out of the house. So, cleaning my room is back on the list. I suppose its pretty hypocritical anyway from my kids point of view.
  3. We lost our semi-final women's dodgeball game last night - I could go on and on as to why I think we lost and who's fault it is. But I won't. I will say that a comment was made by our captain and I'm not sure if it was directed at me or the girl beside me - 'there's no I in team, but there sure is a U in c*nt" Nice. Our next season begins in two weeks and I don't want to play on her team. That attitude is not how I represent myself and I most definitely don't want to be associated with it. But alas, it is too late for me to jump ship and switch to another team, plus more than half of the people on our team are friends that I just brought in - I couldn't desert them.
  4. As well as feeling like I'm going to be found dead in a room filled with evidence of my shopping addiction, I'm also not 'looking forward' to anything. I require something awesome to be forthcoming to get me through the mundane occurrences of everyday crap. Not even the weekend holds excitement or relaxation. I'm spending all of my time taxi-ing kids to and fro, cleaning, cooking, watching games, defusing conflict etc etc etc. This IS the life of a mother of 4 - I get that. but it shouldn't mean I have to be miserable - and to avoid that I need something to look forward to. For example - a friggin' vacation would be nice.
  5. Bed bugs. We don't have them - but I saw a commercial for some bed bug product last night before I fell asleep and now i'm feeling all wiggy. Nasty.
  6. I need a pedicure - REALLY badly. 1st world problem, I know. The thing is, because I'm a runner I've lost a toe nail. It happens to all of us - the force of your toe constantly banging against the end of your shoe causes trauma to your nail and it falls off. Embarrassing to have to explain to a woman who most likely doesn't speak English. And also - I have no damn time. Ugh.
  7. I have two kids graduating from grade 8 this month - from two different schools. BOTH ceremonies are on the same day at the same friggin' time. Great. So I'm missing one of them. What else? I also have a daughter in another school that is graduating from grade 6 (that school ends at that grade) - and you guessed it - same day, same time. I'm pretty sure all 3 schools got together and planned it this way just to spite me.
  8. Yesterday I spent extra time and effort on my hair and makeup - and my husband didn't even notice. No compliments, no nothing. LOVE that.
That is all for now.

30 May 2012


Why, because I am the mother (and clearly best cook) do I need to decide what we're eating every single night?

One of my greatest pet peeves is this daily conversation:

short person "Mom, what are we having for dinner?"
Me "Well, what would you like?"
SP "I don't know"

UGH. I can see how they would think that I have absolutely nothing else to do in the day but to plan their meals.

I will cook ANYTHING - just tell me WHAT?!?

29 May 2012

Just some things..

Here are some things:

1. There was a real life zombie attack yesterday in Miami? Weird. I'm not sure how I would react if someone just came up to me and started eating my face. It would most definitely be at the top of my list of dislikes.

2. Speaking of dislikes - where does the vinegar go once you've poured it on your food? The taste disappears almost immediately, but the smell does not. I tried to research this phenomenon and all I seemed to learn is that vinegar doesn't ever expire. I had it on my fries at lunch today and all it did was make them soggy. Disappointing vinegar, disappointing.

3. I have a scheduled ultrasound on my boobs tomorrow which I am a little nervous about. If they find a baby in there we're gonna have a problem, however, at least they will grow?

4. My husband called me a weasel today. He was joking of course - I think. Anyway, I researched weasels, and even if he wasn't joking there is no way I am one.

Weasels (play /ˈwzəl/) are mammals forming the genus Mustela of the Mustelidae family. They are small, active predators, long and slender with short legs. 

I DO NOT have short legs - argument over. However, I would be one if they made me their queen.

That is all for now.

24 May 2012

It's seems we're facing an influx

Happy Birthday Vicki!

This past past weekend was Victoria Day in my fine country. Happy Birthday queenie.
Mostly it's a great day because it is a federal holiday - on a Monday. SO good.
Perfect, perfect, PERFECT weather!
The kids were all with their 'others' this weekend.
My younger sister and her fiancée drove 5 hours to spend 3 glorious days suffering from a serious case of Porch-itis with us. Here is how it went:

0. wake up
1. kill my sister at lawn darts
2. sit on porch and drink
3. destroy my sister at lawn darts
4. drink on porch
5. show my sister how super awesome I am at lawn darts
6. drink, porch
7. have a mass unexpected group nap on porch
8. drink, drink, drink
9. repeat steps 1-8 until bedtime

On Sunday night at dusk one of the men on our street organized a fireworks display - it was great to hang out with all of the neighbours (who don't talk to me, apparently I'm not approachable - I think maybe my awesomeness is a little too shiny for some).

Totally necessary retreat from reality.

please notice the brand new stairs my super awesome husband built

I took Tuesday off as well so that I could pick my son up from his 2 week lonnnnnng trip with my parents to Europe. I also dropped off my oldest daughter at school wayyy too early in the morning so she could catch the coach bus taking her grade 8 class to Camp Kilcoo for the next 3 days...it's like a revolving door of children. 

That's all I have for now. 

15 May 2012

Vibram five fingers

I bought a pair of Vibram Five Fingers in March. Since that time I have run roughly 400 km's in them. They look weird as hell, and it is inevitable that when wearing them SOMEONE will stop and ask you questions about them.

Are they comfortable? Yes - like a glove for your feet. I put them on in the morning and I'm sad to take them off at night.

Where do you get those? Since I'm in Canada they aren't available in a lot of stores, but there's a store locator on their website.

Do they offer enough support? Absolutely - they force your body to to have a forefront strike, which is what your body is naturally supposed to do. Blah, blah, blah - I say a lot about this. You can find more info here.

Mostly, when wearing my VFF's I feel like a travelling salesperson - they should definitely pay me, several people have run out and bought them because of my pitch.

I really friggin' love them.

5 random things.

Happy Tuesday!

Here are some things:

1. I hurt my back playing my final regular season dodgeball game last night. I'm pretty pissed about it. But I WAS pretty awesome, so fair trade.

2. My youngest son is on a cruise (Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, France) with my parents - who, when I was 5 or 6 promised if I put all of my allowance money into 'the can' we would save up and one day go to Disney World. I'm still waiting bitches.

3. For mother's day my husband said he would build me a new wooden arbour for my garden entrance since the metal one we currently have is bending from the weight of the giant rose bush that climbs around it (NOBODY appreciates an out of control bush). Anyway - we made our way to Home Depot and bought wood - NOT for the arbour, but for the front steps he decided suddenly to rebuild. ._. 

4. I'm not sure if you know this, but I have a lunatic on my hands. On Thursday night I guess there was another physical 'incident' - my exes wife attacked him in another drunken rage - biting chunks of skin out of him like an animal. He called the police and she was arrested & taken to jail. He had to work all day Saturday and asked if my daughter could babysit her 2 1/2 year old brother - I said it would be fine, but not at their house since she was out on bail and would definitely come to take the baby. So to my house he came! He's a cute little guy. Anyway, not 20 minutes in and she was at my door screaming for her son. The police came and sent her packing - and left her baby with me. Now THAT is karma bitch.

5. I went to a wedding on Friday night - they read their vows from their cell phones - and before they were pronounced man & wife the minister said 'it's not official until it's on Facebook' and instructed them to pull their phones out yet again to update their relationship status'. Weird.

That's all you get for now.

3 May 2012

the b!tch is back.

I've lost total count on how many times I've started a post only to stop dead in my tracks and delete it. It still might happen to this post, I guess we shall have to see.

It's Thursday. I woke up this morning and my first thought was that it was Friday - total fail. But is it? The feelings on a Friday morning are ones of happiness and adoration - and the feeling that no matter what happens during the course of your work day, you can totally get through it, it is only one day until Saturday afterall! So - for a brief half second I felt that way this morning - and since it is truly only Thursday I will feel it again tomorrow morning - that's like a two for one bonus - and sort of like a long weekend! - well, maybe not quite so awesome but you get the point, yes? I'm a bitch that looks on the bright side.

Did I ever tell you about the crazy lunatic my ex-husband is married to? Yeah, well, she strikes again! *Apparently* they're getting a divorce - and without spending too much time on the details that really don't fucking matter to me at all I will say this: they are 'maritally separated' but still living in the same house (until it sells they say) because at this point with a collective 6 kids and only one non-governmental handout income neither can afford to live alone. My kids have not been allowed to visit their dad at that house because she continues to say it is not in their best interests to go there - with no explanation - other than the obvious one that she's a friggin' lunatic. This past Monday she proceeded to hack into his Facebook account and post a pretty nasty delicious rant on my wall about how I am the reason they are getting divorced and how terrible of a mother I am to my children. Of course she didn't make mention of how clearly she has fallen off of the diving board into a giant pool of lunacy. I have been trained in first aid - but nothin' can save this bitch.

Have I mentioned that I am pretty certain she has found this blog and it quite possibly reading this post right now? Weird how over the past few days my 'pages viewed' has gone up a crazy amount. So - Hi you crazy bitch, I'm glad you can see this. Now go and get some damn help.

That's all for now. 

24 April 2012

Oh, hello there

Where the hell have I been?
I'm sorry. I've been a blogging slacker.

Several things have happened in my circle, and also outside of my circle, in my rectangle (there's corners where people go, much like a wrestling ring).

My ex, who is remarried to a lunatic has once again declared they are going to divorce. I'm trying not to think about this one too much - since this declaration has become pretty habitual, but I remain hopeful. That crazy women has created such drama and I will be happy to be free of her (see my past posts for details). Meanwhile, my ex 'friended' me on facebook - good idea? Probably not, I am certain it was her hacking into his account and wanting to stalk mine.

I just learned this morning that my older sisters ex (newly divorced) had sex with my brothers wife (newly 20). GROSS. I'm sure we'll dive into this relationship another day.

I haven't spoken to my in-laws in almost 3 months. I'm perfectly okay with it - but I'm sure I won't be allowed to do it forever. Who invented in-laws anyway?

There's a girl at my work. I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. Or maybe I'm just really bored at work.


I'll be back with something more interesting another time.

27 March 2012

You're gonna stick that where?

I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning.
The sun was shining, birds were singing.
I arrived at work on time, didn't have any 'urgent' matters to attend to first thing, my $2.00 tea was made perfectly (stirred and all!).

Then, just when I thought it couldn't get any better - BAM! Unexpected internal ultrasound. 

I feel dirty.

Too much information?

20 March 2012

This day in history..1979 to be exact.

Today is the day.
I have successfully reached a full 33 years of maintaining a 100% survival record and general high level of awesomeness.

It was in the 5 o'clock pm hour.
My mother's second baby, first and only time with epidural.
My father was busy investigating a murder and wouldn't make it to the hospital until I was hours old.

They called me Amy.
I have a Gerber baby spoon engraved with the inititals AB.
They changed their minds after months and months.

It's my birthday, bitches.

5 March 2012

pass the chicken soup.

On Thursday Sydney came home from school sick - big deal for her since she is a genius who never misses class.
On Friday the school secretary called because Liam barfed all.over.the.library. Delicious.

After spending 4 gruelling days nursing them both back to some semblance of health I find myself sitting here at my grey cold hell cubicle coughing like a Canadian goose honking into blow horn. People are spraying me with Lysol and throwing lozenges at me - my immediate dodge-ball reaction is to catch them and throw them back, as hard as possible, right at their heads. Even the plague can't stop my awesomeness.

Happy Monday.

27 February 2012

un-interesting ramble.

I'm lacking substance in the interesting department.
I've been waiting - but nothing.
So I suppose we'll stick with what is seemingly un-interesting.

My husband hasn't spoken to me in 11 days. I've been sleeping on the couch in the living room. My glorious, comfortable, super amazing couch that doesn't roll around in the night, or watch TV, or set the alarm an hour before I have to wake up. I've read more books, run more km's, visited with friends, gotten a pedicure, hiked in the forest and not had to worry if my 'better half' was having a good time.

I'm not even sure what we're fighting about. Though I suppose it doesn't really matter - the fact is, when he's upset he shuts down...which is the total opposite of my wonderful talking self. So, over the last 5 years I have learned that instead of trying to change him - I ride out the wave...the silent, blissful, time-to-myself tsunami.

Meanwhile I spent some quality time yesterday with a good friend I have known since we were in Grade 3...we'll call him Jay, especially since that is his real name. Jay and I randomly get together and spontaneously exercise - 20 km walks up the mountain and through the trailways, or like yesterday when we visited some pretty slick trailways in Ancaster - where the hermitage ruins are. Then, to the caves of Eramosa Karst! It was a great few hours to hang out with my friend and explore the wilderness like 10 year olds...and of course I took my pay-cheque camera along for the ride!

13 February 2012

It's Monday bitches.

It's MONDAY bitches!

I started mine off at a specialist appointment - visiting a doctor who only a mere 3 months ago put me to sleep and stuck a tube up my ass. Before I left the house I made sure to pay special attention to my hair and make-up..second dates follow-up appointments can be a little nerve wrecking - it helps to look your best. After all, I couldn't leave him with his first impression - cause it was pretty shitty.

PS - it seems I will continue my 100% successful survival streak.

I'm at work now - and it's total crap. Whitney Houston seems to be the only music playing on both annoyingly loud radio stations that are playing around me...I'm sad about Whitney, but I'm also over it.

I NEVER watch the Grammy's - but I did last night. Until Chris Brown started singing lip-synching. Isn't that guy a convicted woman abuser?? Why are people cheering and clapping and celebrating this disgusting human being? Click.

Yesterday I went across the border (into Niagara Falls, NY). For the first hour it was a friggin' blizzard, which made the fact that we didn't think about what times the stores open at on A Sunday and nothing was open except for Walmart. Can someone please tell me what bread in a can is?

Anyway, the real reason I came was for shoes. I've been doing a lot of research on 'barefoot' shoes..I wanted a pair of Vibram 5 Fingers but couldn't find any and settled for a pair of Fila Skele-toes...mainly because they were the only ones I found. It's still a pretty small market, but being a runner I NEEDED to try these after reading all about the benefits. Aesthetically they are atrocious - but comfortable as hell. I got home and very quickly jumped onto my treadmill to try them out. FANTASTIC. I ran a really solid 7 kms. By the way, if you were wondering - I am 155 km's into my goal of 1500 km's for 2012. And it's winter - that makes it awesome.

4 more sleeps 'til Friday.

9 February 2012

Armpit of Ontario

I live in a city known as Steel Town .. we used to make steel here - there's giant mills all along the highway as you drive through to get to a better place. We probably still do, but after reading endless reports about lock-outs and soaring unemployment due to US companies being jerkfaces I've kinda lost track.

this is what you see as you drive by on the highway - breathtaking!

They call us the armpit of Ontario.
We have a crappy CFL team and an even crappier AHL team - I hate both sports so this doesn't bother me.
All of the shops (what's left and not boarded up) in our downtown core close at 6 pm - then the prostitutes move in and the homeless set up their beds for the night. The hooligans, crack heads and crazy people never seem to leave. We have cameras all throughout - who knows if anyone actual watches them.

We have a beautiful bayfront park - but most days in the summer the water is too polluted to swim in, fishing is allowed, but you wouldn't dare eat anything you catch, as per normal Lake Ontario rules.

I have lived here since the 17th day of my 16th year when I moved out on my own. Until recently I have never considered this place 'home' - and mostly because I believed that all this city had to offer was what I wrote above. 

Silly me.

This city has given me hours of sanctuary along the Bruce Trail, the Rail Trail, and the crazy-super-awesome-make-you-want-to-die stairways throughout the city taking you up and down the mountain (Niagara Escarpment) 498 steps each way -Now THAT is breathtaking!

Wentworth Stairs - 498 steps one way
Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail

Most people would be surprised to learn that not only do we have a high population of really fucking stupid people, but we also have over 100 waterfalls - pfft! armpit of Ontario. My kids and I LOVE hiking through the trails and happening upon one of these beautiful majestic places.

Sherman Falls

It truly is a pity that people driving through only know us as our smelly plants along the highway - if they would only stop for a few short hours they would learn of the great oasis that awaits.

I suppose after almost 17 of living in this city I am ready to call it home - for now at least. After all, this city has given me my kids - best thing ever.

8 February 2012

Full of it

If it wasn't a full moon I would probably jump off of a bridge.
Since there WAS a full moon last night, I can understand the apparent increase in really fucking stupid people.

I'm not really hate filled, but I am super intolerant of dumb assed-ness. From the girl at Tim Hortons who 'forgets' to stir my overly priced tea - oh wait, and the fucking tea bag, the co-worker beside me who has spent the entire morning convinced her furnace isn't working properly because her vacuum is broken and she hasn't been able to vacuum her cat hair up in 2 days (she's going home at lunchtime to make sure her pipes haven't frozen..??), to my arch-nemesis co-worker who has decided my obsession with ordering glasses on-line means I am willing to be her personal shopper and choose a few pairs she might like and can choose a pair from - bitch, I don't even like YOU.

They say there are definite behaviour and physical changes with the full moon, some police forces still put more officers on the street during a full moon because of it. Some surgeons refuse to operate on patients during a full moon because the blood doesn't clot as well resulting in increased bleed out deaths.

In the end, I am still awesome, I don't have my jumping shoes on, and with the use of elastic bands as weapons I am keeping the stupid people at bay.

7 February 2012

Bitch, get over me.

My ex-husbands wife is in love with me.

Or so it seems.

I am really awesome, so I get it. I'm funny, and gorgeous and if I wasn't me goddamnit - I would want to be.

Anyway, back to my not-so-secret admirer.

In the last 4 years I have had to endure hours of ranting text messages from this lunatic because she doesn't like that when I need to speak to him about our children - I text my ex. She takes her insanity to new lengths, trying to cause rifts between my children and myself - but that didn't work. She's contacted Children's Aid to report what she says is neglect - they spoke with my children, and then her - now she is not allowed to be there when they visit their dad. I guess that didn't work either. She's called my work - complaining that I am harassing her during work hours because after 20 or so messages I tell her to leave me the fuck alone. That proved to be fruitless to her as well. She's not only called my current wonderful, patient husband and tried to convince him that I am still in love with my ex - but on the eve of a vacation we were taking she sent by registered mail a 4 page typed document of how she believes I am crazy and he should leave me.

Last week, after 6 straight hours of  'stay away from my man you dirty wh*re c*nt" I changed my phone number.

5 glorious, sweet, silent, wonderful days.

Bitch got my number and started again. I ignored it for half of the day before replying : I changed my number so this would stop - leave me the fuck alone

Last night as I was rounding the corner to my house after a 5k run I noticed 2 cruisers sitting outside of my house. It didn't take me a split second to understand why they were there.

Bitch called the police. Seems after stalking me and getting my new phone number and blasting bullshit my way all day she was now feeling harassed because I told her to leave me alone. I explained the above to those police and they quietly left with their tales between their legs.

This is why I hate girls, and could never be a lesbian.

Bitch needs to get over me.

6 February 2012

February - from crap to total awesome-ness!

What a glorious weekend! The weather was Spring-perfect! I'm a little concerned about this whole global warming thing - but it's just so delicious, so it's hard to hate.

Like chocolate in a way.

I've run a total of 54 km's in the last week - something I could not have done in a regular Canadian February. I've also done quite a bit of geocaching - for example on Saturday morning when we visited Eramosa Karst and played in some caves.

2 February 2012

I'm going to the garden to eat worms.

I started the day off nearly dying.
I picked my co-worker up on my way to work as usual. We drove through a very busy intersection and I guess the grey car on my right didn't realize he had a red light. I swerved and sped right out of that death trap.

My 100% record for staying alive remains intact for another day. Now that's a success story.

All i've eaten today was a mini pink Valentine's Day cupcake..I think I might be coming down with something. JUST in time for the weekend..I love that.

I have also spent an exorbitant amount of time with my collection of stupid people today. For example, the sales manager that felt the need to remind me to be nice to a customer when I call them for her because she is too lazy and incompetent to do it herself. Or my ex's wife who is so threatened by the very fact that I exist so she needs to send me text message after text message shooting balls of hate and insanity my way. Or my brother inlaw who went out of his way to send my husband an email about how much he hates me and my husband should never have married me.

I'm still smiling however. Because no matter what - I know I am a pretty terrific person, and I really don't care if anyone agrees.

and, venting done.
thanks :)

Groundhog Day

SO - February 2 - Groundhog Day.

Pennsylvania's Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and says there will be 6 more weeks of winter.
Wiarton's Wiarton Willie didn't - and has proclaimed the end of winter is upon us.
Did you know there were others? Well, the majority of them have predicted an early spring - so I'm going to stick with my Canadian Willie.

What a strange tradition.

1 February 2012

Hump Day

It's February, it's hump-day, the sun is shining and I continue to maintain my 100% survival rate.

Life is good.

2 years ago I was in Cuba on this day.
1 year ago I was in the Dominican.


Mike and I made the decision to not go anywhere warm and awesome this winter. When we went to Cuba in 2010 it was our first time going on a trip to an all inclusive resort, and from the very second we stepped off of the plane we were hooked.

I think it's super important for a couple to find paradise time - no work, no responsibilities, NO KIDS. Just couple love time - and reading time, and drinking time.

But alas, it is not in the cards for us this winter like I said. Somewhat a financial thing, but mostly because we have no where to park the kids, and locking them in the cellar with a loaf of bread and jug of water is frowned upon. Dumb I say.

31 January 2012

I'm really friggin' weird.


It's February Eve, I think that means it's time for a celebration!

Sure we don't get a day off, and there is no over-commercializing for this occasion, you can't buy cards, eat cake or receive gifts dedicated for this very awesome day..I don't think that means I can't celebrate!

On this Eve I think I will begin a new tradition - Month Eve Spirit of Kindness Day - and today is the very first official. I'm going to do something kind for someone else, more than I would on any other day - and then I am going to make a personal kindness goal and find something kind I can do for myself in the month of February. Stay tuned.

I urge you to participate too - and then write a comment below and let me know how you commemorated this very first Eve and what you plan on doing for someone else - AND for yourself!

Now go eat some damn cake.

30 January 2012


Had a super great weekend. Wanted to blog about it along the way, but didn't seem to sit down for 2 whole days.

Friday night I had to ref a game of Dodgeball - the teams were pretty competitive and I had to yell a lot...SO therapeutic! Then, we played. We won - I really don't remember the score. My kids were with their dad this weekend but my daughter wanted to come home for the night so we picked her up and watched some PVR'd Law & Orders that we have been saving for just this occasion.

We had a slow start Saturday morning, my cat Henry was looking for some attention - love that cat.

We decided we would get in a little geocaching - it was pretty rainy and gross outside - which is a perfect time to geocache - gets you outside, and you seriously ignore the weather and feel like a kid. It was SUPER WINDY - like, the cold wind that bites your face and makes your eyes water..we found a few caches before we dropped her off. Then we headed out to the country for a few more. There are certain 'multi-caches' where the starting co-ordinates take you to a 'clue' - usually some sort of math equation or logic puzzle - that help you determine the co-ordinates to where the cache actually lives..I've done one before, this was my husbands first. I am amazed at the amount of 'hidden' or 'lost' old cemeteries there are in our area - I appreciate geocaching for the places it has taken me to and the history I have learned about my very own town that I would have NEVER seen or learned about in any other way.

My husband is a garage door technician - he's the King Of Doors...or something crazy like that. Anyway, he had a job called in and we had to cut our caching short. Perfect time for me to get my nails done..and a quick trip to Homesense.

I LOVE Homesense - its a good time wasting store. I also have an addiction to good, giant mugs for my tea. I didn't find any for myself but I did buy a pretty awesome mug for my younger sister who is turning 30 in February - and nothing says you're old like a mug for your birthday. Meanwhile, as I was waiting in line at the cash I saw this curious little fella - i'm almost certain he's the Party Pooper in his group of peers.

Who invents this stuff?

Saturday night turned into an all in, drag out, to the death tournament of euchre - just Mike & I. We're both very competitive - but I am ALWAYS the winner. Take that Mike!

We set the satellite radio station to all 90's music - was nostalgic and so fun!

That turns out to be all I remember about Saturday night - I'm not a big drinker, but apparently I was that night. - I'm pretty sure I was still in bed asleep by 10:30.

We woke up early Sunday morning and dedicated the day to geocaching. I had introduced my inlaws (who are in their late 50's) about a month ago - and they are OBSESSED. The geocaching website tracks the number of finds you have and right now they have more than I do - - I just cannot have that. The morning was sunny and beautiful - truly felt like a spring day! About noon it started to snow - we hadn't really noticed, we were pretty bundled up. By 4 o'clock it was a full out blizzrd and we were in the middle of a forest - SO peaceful and beautiful. At that point we thought we'd call it a day. 18 caches found - thats the most I have ever found in one day. 

 This is how my front lawn looked when we finally got home:

We spent the balance of the evening shovelling the driveways for every family member we know - because I am not one to turn down a good shovelling workout!

Good, good weekend :)

27 January 2012

Marshmallows for breakfast

Yesterday I woke up and knew immediately I was not going to be very productive, I felt like garbage and that was that.

I called in sick, got the kids to school and came back home.

I sat on my comfy red couch, then I moved to the brown leather chair - walked around the dining room, ever since we bought this house last August I've wanted to redecorate this room but I can't come up with a plan. Today was no exception.

No plan.

After wandering aimlessly I ended up in the kitchen..but of course. Am I hungry? Not really, but I'm looting through the cupboards anyways. Meh, nothing interesting. Down to the rec room - I'm not into watching TV unless my husband wrangles me and forces me to stop moving for an hour - and since he's at work I'm not going to put myself through the torment of daytime TV, not PVR'd, with commercials (gasp!).


I could read my book - I do have to read 25 this year..but that would undoubtedly send me back to sleepy dreamland and I don't feel like sleeping the day away either.

I started to blog, but wasn't feeling particularily interesting...delete, delete.

Back to the kitchen. Rummaging for something intriguing.

And so there I was...eating marshmallows for breakfast.

A couple of hours later my husband surprised me by coming home early and dragging me out of my cranky cave - we spent the next 3 hours geocaching...I was wet, snowy, cold and muddy - my lungs were filled with cool refreshing air and I felt revitalized.

I love Me days.

25 January 2012

Geocaching = exploration!!

My very favourite thing about geocaching is the amount of time it allows you to spend paying attention to things that you never seem to have time to stop and pay attention to - family relationships, exercise, NATURE - we recently found a cache along the Bruce Trail, close to where I spotted this tree :)


23 January 2012

Monday is a big fat jerk face.

Monday again. I suppose you could look at it in different ways. You could begrudge, or see as a new beginning.
Half full, half empty.

Something happened to me today - not really notable in the grand scheme, but it made me feel..hurt? I question that because maybe I feel exposed, or vulnerable. They're all so connected, and yuck-tastic. Anyways, I'm trying to really look at the situation - and its interesting to get through the tangle and try and figure out why? and what is expected to come of this?

Two equally important questions to ask in any situation, that may save from causing someone to feel this way - and isn't that the point?

Ask them.

something's fishy..

20 January 2012

Take A Penguin to Lunch

What, you didn't know?!?

January 20th is Penguin Awareness Day!

We're supposed to think about penguins, read about penguins, watch movies about penguins, check out the vital statistics on penguins, change our desk top pictures to that of penguins and wear black and white in honour of penguins.

Don't stop there - take a penguin to lunch!

Best. Office. Gossip...EVER!

I work at a newspaper..so we're pretty newsy around here.
I'm in the accounting department - though I am destined for greatness, and should probably be doing something a little more creative and a lot less boring. But it is a nice little job, with a nice little slap in the face pay cheque.

If you were here you would look around at this department and see a group of mostly older, frowning, grumpy women who have been here their entire lives - and then there is a small group of us 'younger' women who the older women dislike because obviously we are here to steal their chairs.

ALL WOMEN. Roughly 40 of us.

We DID have a man once - but he transferred to another department. I probably would too. As soon as he left we changed the men's washroom into a women's.

So, as you can imagine emotions rule the roost - and office gossip is a huge part of everyday. We're catty and cliques are formed and reformed .. just like high school.

Yesterday was a regular old day - calculators clicking everywhere, phones ringing, chatting, chatting - 3 different radio stations can be heard at all times - some people are cold and wrapped in blankets some people are having hot flashes feeling warm and removing layers. A LOT of complaining about every single thing. One of my 'young' friends suddenly let's out a 'holy shit!' .. but doesn't say anything more. Then I get '1 new email message', it reads:

"So the girl that was charged in that murder? Singer of my band….say nothing….OH MY GOD!"

It seems our newspaper had just reported on our website that an arrest had been made in a high profile murder case in our city.

I said nothing to anyone, I looked over at her with a crazy shocked face. Then her and I were quietly discussing it - one person overheard and that bad boy girl of a story went through the office like a wildfire.
She's not in today - she's going to the jail to see her 'friend' and get some info.

Most definitely my most favourite office gossip EVER.

Be a leader...and a follower!

I'm new to this...clearly.

How do I get more followers and build a cult friendships?

19 January 2012


I have been waiting 2 very long, very, very, very long off season months - but the day finally arrived yesterday - the beginning of Dodgeball - Season 22!

Yes, dodgeball ... EXTREME dodgeball. 

I remember being a kid and dreading DREADING playing dodgeball in gym class - I wasn't very good, felt like an overt failure when I'd get hit - embarrassed when I had to throw a ball and it would go completely in the alternate direction than I intended..hitting no one.  I thought everyone was watching and laughing. Probably in truth no one was paying attention to what I was doing - but my self esteem was super low and I was never good at anything we did in gym class, ever, period.

One day I received a facebook message from my husbands cousin - her new boyfriend played in a co-ed league and thought it would be fun to put a team in - so we did! I signed up my husband and I not knowing what to expect AT ALL. That was season 10 I think. Our team was made up of a bunch of my husbands cousins - and we called ourselves The Incrediballs! 

I quickly learned the rules of the game - and became a referee .. so, so rewarding! I joined the newly formed womens league, and my kids have played in the kids league. I'm pretty sure that 1/4 of the teams (we have about 75 total - thats 750 people!) have been made up by our recruits!

The game is simple and fast. Each team consists of up to 10 players, 2 MUST be girls. 5 players from each team start the game, the remaining players are held in 'jail' - three red balls lined up in the middle. The ref yells 'GO' and all players run to the centre line to grab a ball. Run back past the neutral line to check the ball. You have to the ref's count to 10 to get your ball over the centre line - if you reach zero, you're out. Get hit by a ball - you're out - hit someone with a ball, they're out - you get a player back in (max. 5). SO SWEATY!

Fun, Fast, Fair.

After 3 years and playing 3 nights a week I am even more in love with the game than ever before, I've taken several balls to the face, and broken some fingers more than I'd like to admit (and continued playing).

And yes, we won last night 9-2!

Check out our website here.

17 January 2012

Brace Face, Empty Pockets.

My right hand is cramping - why you ask? Because I spent an entire hour this morning writing 20 post dated cheques and signing 20 permission forms in 3 different places. Ah yes, the day she has been waiting for - BRACES.

My 14 year old daughter has an overbite. From the very moment the dentist mentioned braces she has been anticipating the adhesion of these metal hinges glued onto her teeth. Really excited even.

I on the other hand have been dreading the financial aspect.I will end up paying a total of $4300. Which was actually the lowest of the quotes I got.

I don't really mind of course, because it's all part of the job - I do however think I should have gone into the dental field.

So cheers to braces - and empty pockets!

16 January 2012


Hey You!

Have you heard of Geocaching?

A friend of mine first mentioned it to me at the beginning of December. It's one of the funnest (again, is funnest a word?) things I have ever done! Mystifying even!

It's great for ALL ages - all physical types - and even stupid people. A GREAT outdoor family activity

Check it out HERE! And TRY it - you won't be disappointed...if you have questions, which you absolutely will - ask me! Get the app HERE!

Fierce like a Lioness

Oh hi!

It's Blue Monday - it's the most depressing day of the year according to psychologist Cliff Arnell. He made his calculations back in 2005 using an elaborate math formula. Arnall reasoned that Blue Monday is the day when a slew of unpleasant variables such as drab weather, failing New Year's resolutions and Christmas bills collide, creating a veritable maelstrom of negativity.

Sort of fitting that I have a 1st scheduled appointment with a counsellor tonight. Ho hum.

I'm not usually one who has a problem talking about my feelings - to anyone that will listen actually. I like to get other people's opinions and sort of gauge whether my reactions fit with 'the norm'. This time I'm not so sure.

Here's my story (i'll try to keep it short):

My ex-husband is remarried. Lovely. Since he has been married his wife (who I knew as my younger sister's friend in highschool) has done all she can to sabotage life as anyone knows it. She doesn't seem to understand that we had decided we were not good married people - but we can still cooperate and be good parents to our 3 children. There have been a plethora of negative storms:

 She has sent my 'new' husband a registered letter outlining all of the reasons she thinks I am crazy and he should leave me.

She has told my daughter (14) horrific things about me and made her promise not to tell anyone. Including: "I'm sure your mother is a nice person, but she needs some serious mental help and until she gets it she will never love herself or you".

There are so many things..and after writing only those two I've decided I've made my point and I'm not throwing any more out there...for now.

A month and a half ago while my children were at their home for the weekend My ex and his wife had a screaming fight which resulted in her physically assaulting him in front of my children. Leaving them scared and emotionally hurt.

I called family & children's services the very next day. They spoke with each of my kids separately and determined that they should not be going to that house if she is present as it is not emotionally comfortable or safe for my kids.

This was fine - my ex had decided this was the last straw and they were going to divorce once and for all. (this isn't the first time she has physically assaulted him - in fact the police were involved and she was arrested back in August).

Last Monday they announced they would be getting back together - they'd made a marriage counselling appointment and all was well again.

My children are angry and hurt and confused about this decision - afterall, they have been hearing from their father for over a month how happy he was to be getting his life back on track, he would stop drinking and smoking - start being a better dad and told them several negative things about his wife.

I spoke with him about my concern about them going for their bi-weekly weekend visit and after a few heated discussions we agreed that until the kids had been able to process the situation and felt comfortable (if ever) they would not have to be in a situation where they would have to see her or feel uncomfortable because she is around.

This past weekend they were to go to his house. Instead of going on Friday night as usual they would wait until Saturday afternoon - the time she would leave the house until Sunday night, when she would return just before dinner. He would leave the house and take them out for dinner just before she got there.

I found out this morning that it didn't happen that way. She came home in the afternoon and my kids were told they weren't going out because his back was sore.

I am livid. So many people have different opinions on how to handle this situation.

SO - to a counsellor I go.


13 January 2012

The Funnest (is funnest a word?) pre-workout ever!

Hey! Hello!

Last night was unseasonably mild, calm, dry and snow free - I know that snow and unsavoury weather is imminent. It IS the middle of January in Canada. 

I'm a runner, well, I run. I've mentioned it to you before - I don't really consider myself a 'Runner'. Maybe I don't think I'm very good at it. In 2011 I set a goal to run a total of 1000 km's (621 miles) and I surpassed it - 1022 km's total. This year I've increased the goal to 1500. So far I'm in 49 km's..pretty good for January.

Since last night was super weather I thought I would get another run in - but this time I decided to shake it up a bit with a pre-run warm up fit for a middle school gym class - SO FUN.

When was the last time YOU jumped rope? If you're like me it's been a lifetime. I threw my headphones on and went out to my small patio in the backyard - and skipped like it was the summer of 1989 (I was 10). I quickly discovered muscle groups that seem to have been out to recess for the last 20 years - what a workout for the body & the mind!

The fountain of youth lies in the things that youth do - DO those things! 

All in all it was a great pre-run warm up and something I will definitely do again - especially when I am feeling old.

Friday! (the 13th)

It's Friday the 13th - I didn't even realize it until my 14 year told me everything was going wrong.
It snowed this morning - the roads are crap, people are grumpy and I'm tired.

But it's FRIDAY - how can THAT be bad luck? it's not in my books...

The truth is, thoughts are energy..and whatever energy you throw out there is the energy that's comin' back around. So make your energy output ridiculously awesome!

11 January 2012

don't trip me.

I have been coping with several uber dramatic situations over the last couple of days - in fact, several times I have started to write about it here, and then decided not to, it wasn't gonna help and you and I haven't known eachother long enough to go into that sort of craziness.

It's funny because when I was a kid I would do ANYTHING to get out of gym class..just thinking about running laps around the gymnasium gave me a panic attack..I grew up lazy and uncoordinated and my parents weren't into sports of any kind..silly parents.

Fast forward to 2006 when I decided that I needed to change my life and be the creator of my own smiling face. I quit smoking after a 12 year pack and a half a day habit. Shortly thereafter I began walking - weird at first because the mechanics weren't something I was used to...and then one day I just started to RUN.

I have never looked back.

If for nothing else running is the time I figure out my shit. Feet to the pavement, feeling light and small in such a huge open world - gives clarity and perspective in a way that nothing else can.

3 cheers for running!!

why so glum, chum?

9 January 2012


I notice things.
My children.

How my heart explodes when our girls, sisters, talk about how much they love each other.
Our boys, best friends, worst enemies.
How they remain humble about their achievements, 
For the sake of each other, because they are all equal in their triumph. 
It’s always someone’s turn.

I laugh.
They create the silliest games. Zak always wins. (he makes the rules last minute)
The boys will say something disgusting to gross out the girls. They return with something even more disgusting.
They read joke books to each other, all in a group. 
Joke books are not funny. But there is an eruption of crazy laughter.

I try not to laugh.
When Liam break dances. Or says something so hilarious when he is in the biggest trouble.
When Sydney writes and then sings a song with such heart break over a boy.
With such passion. 
When April asks questions. About everything. 
When Zak uses his “deep voice”.
“Hey guys, what’s up?”

They stand up for themselves. And each other. 
So stubborn. I am not sure where that came from.
They would rather be together. Doing anything. Doing nothing.
They argue. Sometimes A LOT. 
They tattle tale. All the time. 
“So and so said I smell!”. (mostly Liam). “Do you smell, Liam?”. “YES!”. “Then why are you upset about it, Liam?”
He runs away. Crazy grin. Squeaking noise.

They are helpful, and selfless.
They teach things, so that they all know.
Except for “secrets” they are sharing.
Which I am certain aren’t anything at all.
But they are keeping it from one of the others. 
And they use it like torture.

I smile.
When they complete something they doubted they could do.
Or when they don’t succeed. But try again.

It is hugs and kisses.

They are my answer to everything.