3 January 2012

3 days in and already feelin' like a failure..

2012 is here at last..you know that of course.
Did you make a resolution or two?
Up until 5 years ago when I met my second husband I had always resolved to not make a resolution - they're ALWAYS broken anyway - right? 

I'd always preferred to avoid that feeling of certain failure.
But here I am - a 'resolv-er'.

My in-laws joined Mike and our 4 kids, my 14 year old nephew, my younger sister and her fiance in a grand New Years Eve celebration at our house..same a last year and the year before. We started a tradition of writing our resolutions on a piece of paper and putting them away in a small blue paper covered box to be hidden and read before the ball drops the following year. 

So here is my list:

1. to read 25 books - I LOVE to read and I am sure I can do this
2. to help my husband deal with being less funny than I am - we plan to have a family 'Funny-Off' in the future
3. to run a total of 1500 kms - last year I set a goal of 1000 kms and finished at 1022
4. to start a blog - here we are!
5. to smile more 

We're 3 days in and I'm already feelin' like a failure. I've been carrying my book around in hopes that I would have a chance to read a page or two - only to forget it on my desk at work, then finding I had time last night. Mike and I aren't really speaking right now - we'll probably get to that some other time - so neither of us is being very funny (well, I am - but I'm the only one listening). I haven't done up my laces since NYE when I did a 5k resolution walk..so far 0 km in 2012. the last 2 contributed to my failure - until now - welcome to my very brand new blog. I encounter a lot of ridiculous people, and outrageous circumstances - enjoy!

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