5 January 2012

baby, it's cold outside - sit on a ball.

(Yes, I live in Canada and I am about to complain about the cold weather.)

Ugh. I'm cold. It's been feeling like -15 c this whole week, thats 5 f to my American friends - I googled the conversion 'cause I've never understood that..this definitely isn't the worst it gets up in here - but its the worst it's been this season.

Anyways, its been too many days of waking up and having to get out of my so-very-warm feather duvet only to get immediately wrapped up in jogging pants and sweaters and slippers...starting my car early in hopes that the heat will start working before I have to leave my house for work (it hasn't been)..I actually put hot rollers in my hair this morning JUST so I could not feel so cold. GREAT hair today - but my toes are like icicles as I sit here at my desk in the accounting department of my local newspaper. It is ALWAYS cold here. Even in the summer you can find us all with sweaters - and occasionally someone will pull out a blanket. That someone sometimes is me.

My husband works outside - so I do feel guilty about my whining. But I'm cold - so its still relevant. 

I sit on a yoga ball chair at work - its pretty awesome...but not helpful when I'm freezing - it doesn't hold any heat. I just realized that if I bounce I'll probably be able to warm myself up a bit - soo I'm doing that now. I got this chair (paid $100 of my own $) about 6 months ago..I was starting to have lower back pain - I attributed it to having to sit in a stiff old unforgiving office chair 8 hours a day and took matters in my own hands - voila! Yoga ball chair. People walk by my half-walled cubicle and ask me about it constantly. So many people try it out that I think I should sell tickets..and maybe give them privacy as they bounce like crazy people. The health & safety committee made me sign a waiver..which I found interesting...I haven't had any lower back pain since the very day I brought in this chair - which it seems they would rather I have lived with. Whatever, they're dumb. Here's my chair, you should get one too!:

I should do some work - it is month end afterall. How did I end up in accounting?

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