20 January 2012

Best. Office. Gossip...EVER!

I work at a newspaper..so we're pretty newsy around here.
I'm in the accounting department - though I am destined for greatness, and should probably be doing something a little more creative and a lot less boring. But it is a nice little job, with a nice little slap in the face pay cheque.

If you were here you would look around at this department and see a group of mostly older, frowning, grumpy women who have been here their entire lives - and then there is a small group of us 'younger' women who the older women dislike because obviously we are here to steal their chairs.

ALL WOMEN. Roughly 40 of us.

We DID have a man once - but he transferred to another department. I probably would too. As soon as he left we changed the men's washroom into a women's.

So, as you can imagine emotions rule the roost - and office gossip is a huge part of everyday. We're catty and cliques are formed and reformed .. just like high school.

Yesterday was a regular old day - calculators clicking everywhere, phones ringing, chatting, chatting - 3 different radio stations can be heard at all times - some people are cold and wrapped in blankets some people are having hot flashes feeling warm and removing layers. A LOT of complaining about every single thing. One of my 'young' friends suddenly let's out a 'holy shit!' .. but doesn't say anything more. Then I get '1 new email message', it reads:

"So the girl that was charged in that murder? Singer of my band….say nothing….OH MY GOD!"

It seems our newspaper had just reported on our website that an arrest had been made in a high profile murder case in our city.

I said nothing to anyone, I looked over at her with a crazy shocked face. Then her and I were quietly discussing it - one person overheard and that bad boy girl of a story went through the office like a wildfire.
She's not in today - she's going to the jail to see her 'friend' and get some info.

Most definitely my most favourite office gossip EVER.

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  1. Sounds like an exciting job ;-).... and what a perfect place to gossip!