17 January 2012

Brace Face, Empty Pockets.

My right hand is cramping - why you ask? Because I spent an entire hour this morning writing 20 post dated cheques and signing 20 permission forms in 3 different places. Ah yes, the day she has been waiting for - BRACES.

My 14 year old daughter has an overbite. From the very moment the dentist mentioned braces she has been anticipating the adhesion of these metal hinges glued onto her teeth. Really excited even.

I on the other hand have been dreading the financial aspect.I will end up paying a total of $4300. Which was actually the lowest of the quotes I got.

I don't really mind of course, because it's all part of the job - I do however think I should have gone into the dental field.

So cheers to braces - and empty pockets!


  1. Here's a random interesting fact. I had braces put on in India. The orthodontist was trained in the States and is part of the American Orthodontic Association (or whatever it's called). All his equipment is from the States. All the material he uses brackets, wires, glue etc, is from the States. My treatment lasted two, maybe three, years... The total cost? 500 USD...

  2. Wow. I hate that! Not for you of course..ha!

  3. ;-) pretty crazy - but hard not to gloat lol