31 January 2012


It's February Eve, I think that means it's time for a celebration!

Sure we don't get a day off, and there is no over-commercializing for this occasion, you can't buy cards, eat cake or receive gifts dedicated for this very awesome day..I don't think that means I can't celebrate!

On this Eve I think I will begin a new tradition - Month Eve Spirit of Kindness Day - and today is the very first official. I'm going to do something kind for someone else, more than I would on any other day - and then I am going to make a personal kindness goal and find something kind I can do for myself in the month of February. Stay tuned.

I urge you to participate too - and then write a comment below and let me know how you commemorated this very first Eve and what you plan on doing for someone else - AND for yourself!

Now go eat some damn cake.

1 comment:

  1. Today I was kind to my co-workers by not showing my ugly face at work. I will be kind to myself by drinking several beers this evening!