19 January 2012


I have been waiting 2 very long, very, very, very long off season months - but the day finally arrived yesterday - the beginning of Dodgeball - Season 22!

Yes, dodgeball ... EXTREME dodgeball. 

I remember being a kid and dreading DREADING playing dodgeball in gym class - I wasn't very good, felt like an overt failure when I'd get hit - embarrassed when I had to throw a ball and it would go completely in the alternate direction than I intended..hitting no one.  I thought everyone was watching and laughing. Probably in truth no one was paying attention to what I was doing - but my self esteem was super low and I was never good at anything we did in gym class, ever, period.

One day I received a facebook message from my husbands cousin - her new boyfriend played in a co-ed league and thought it would be fun to put a team in - so we did! I signed up my husband and I not knowing what to expect AT ALL. That was season 10 I think. Our team was made up of a bunch of my husbands cousins - and we called ourselves The Incrediballs! 

I quickly learned the rules of the game - and became a referee .. so, so rewarding! I joined the newly formed womens league, and my kids have played in the kids league. I'm pretty sure that 1/4 of the teams (we have about 75 total - thats 750 people!) have been made up by our recruits!

The game is simple and fast. Each team consists of up to 10 players, 2 MUST be girls. 5 players from each team start the game, the remaining players are held in 'jail' - three red balls lined up in the middle. The ref yells 'GO' and all players run to the centre line to grab a ball. Run back past the neutral line to check the ball. You have to the ref's count to 10 to get your ball over the centre line - if you reach zero, you're out. Get hit by a ball - you're out - hit someone with a ball, they're out - you get a player back in (max. 5). SO SWEATY!

Fun, Fast, Fair.

After 3 years and playing 3 nights a week I am even more in love with the game than ever before, I've taken several balls to the face, and broken some fingers more than I'd like to admit (and continued playing).

And yes, we won last night 9-2!

Check out our website here.

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  1. That's cool! If I recall at recess we used to call it murder ball, the girls rarely played but in gym in was coed. We played it against a wall (recess) with one person laying a beating to the people lined up against the wall! They either threw the ball or kicked it! It was always the agile and quick who won. Definately a lot of fun!! Can't believe there is a league!!