11 January 2012

don't trip me.

I have been coping with several uber dramatic situations over the last couple of days - in fact, several times I have started to write about it here, and then decided not to, it wasn't gonna help and you and I haven't known eachother long enough to go into that sort of craziness.

It's funny because when I was a kid I would do ANYTHING to get out of gym class..just thinking about running laps around the gymnasium gave me a panic attack..I grew up lazy and uncoordinated and my parents weren't into sports of any kind..silly parents.

Fast forward to 2006 when I decided that I needed to change my life and be the creator of my own smiling face. I quit smoking after a 12 year pack and a half a day habit. Shortly thereafter I began walking - weird at first because the mechanics weren't something I was used to...and then one day I just started to RUN.

I have never looked back.

If for nothing else running is the time I figure out my shit. Feet to the pavement, feeling light and small in such a huge open world - gives clarity and perspective in a way that nothing else can.

3 cheers for running!!


  1. I hated running as a kid also...I mean I did play sports but running was boring, but that was so wrong...so many great things happen when you run (thought/feelings)...the best quote I heard recently is..."Your run starts when you forget your running".

    1. Running, just like reading books for no reason were like my arch enemies! LOVE them both now. That's an awesome quote - totally thought about it while I was running last night - thanks!