13 January 2012

The Funnest (is funnest a word?) pre-workout ever!

Hey! Hello!

Last night was unseasonably mild, calm, dry and snow free - I know that snow and unsavoury weather is imminent. It IS the middle of January in Canada. 

I'm a runner, well, I run. I've mentioned it to you before - I don't really consider myself a 'Runner'. Maybe I don't think I'm very good at it. In 2011 I set a goal to run a total of 1000 km's (621 miles) and I surpassed it - 1022 km's total. This year I've increased the goal to 1500. So far I'm in 49 km's..pretty good for January.

Since last night was super weather I thought I would get another run in - but this time I decided to shake it up a bit with a pre-run warm up fit for a middle school gym class - SO FUN.

When was the last time YOU jumped rope? If you're like me it's been a lifetime. I threw my headphones on and went out to my small patio in the backyard - and skipped like it was the summer of 1989 (I was 10). I quickly discovered muscle groups that seem to have been out to recess for the last 20 years - what a workout for the body & the mind!

The fountain of youth lies in the things that youth do - DO those things! 

All in all it was a great pre-run warm up and something I will definitely do again - especially when I am feeling old.

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