27 January 2012

Marshmallows for breakfast

Yesterday I woke up and knew immediately I was not going to be very productive, I felt like garbage and that was that.

I called in sick, got the kids to school and came back home.

I sat on my comfy red couch, then I moved to the brown leather chair - walked around the dining room, ever since we bought this house last August I've wanted to redecorate this room but I can't come up with a plan. Today was no exception.

No plan.

After wandering aimlessly I ended up in the kitchen..but of course. Am I hungry? Not really, but I'm looting through the cupboards anyways. Meh, nothing interesting. Down to the rec room - I'm not into watching TV unless my husband wrangles me and forces me to stop moving for an hour - and since he's at work I'm not going to put myself through the torment of daytime TV, not PVR'd, with commercials (gasp!).


I could read my book - I do have to read 25 this year..but that would undoubtedly send me back to sleepy dreamland and I don't feel like sleeping the day away either.

I started to blog, but wasn't feeling particularily interesting...delete, delete.

Back to the kitchen. Rummaging for something intriguing.

And so there I was...eating marshmallows for breakfast.

A couple of hours later my husband surprised me by coming home early and dragging me out of my cranky cave - we spent the next 3 hours geocaching...I was wet, snowy, cold and muddy - my lungs were filled with cool refreshing air and I felt revitalized.

I love Me days.


  1. Geocashing sounds like so much fun. I hope you a had a wonderfull day. Tell me, you ate more than marshmallows for the day?

  2. Always wanted to geocash but never have time for it. Sounds fun as hell though