9 January 2012


I notice things.
My children.

How my heart explodes when our girls, sisters, talk about how much they love each other.
Our boys, best friends, worst enemies.
How they remain humble about their achievements, 
For the sake of each other, because they are all equal in their triumph. 
It’s always someone’s turn.

I laugh.
They create the silliest games. Zak always wins. (he makes the rules last minute)
The boys will say something disgusting to gross out the girls. They return with something even more disgusting.
They read joke books to each other, all in a group. 
Joke books are not funny. But there is an eruption of crazy laughter.

I try not to laugh.
When Liam break dances. Or says something so hilarious when he is in the biggest trouble.
When Sydney writes and then sings a song with such heart break over a boy.
With such passion. 
When April asks questions. About everything. 
When Zak uses his “deep voice”.
“Hey guys, what’s up?”

They stand up for themselves. And each other. 
So stubborn. I am not sure where that came from.
They would rather be together. Doing anything. Doing nothing.
They argue. Sometimes A LOT. 
They tattle tale. All the time. 
“So and so said I smell!”. (mostly Liam). “Do you smell, Liam?”. “YES!”. “Then why are you upset about it, Liam?”
He runs away. Crazy grin. Squeaking noise.

They are helpful, and selfless.
They teach things, so that they all know.
Except for “secrets” they are sharing.
Which I am certain aren’t anything at all.
But they are keeping it from one of the others. 
And they use it like torture.

I smile.
When they complete something they doubted they could do.
Or when they don’t succeed. But try again.

It is hugs and kisses.

They are my answer to everything.

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