5 January 2012

Say my name, b*tch.

I guess it's time. 

Hello, my name is Sarah.

I am a 32.8 year old, twice married (second times the charm), mother of 4(S 14, Z 13, A 11, L10). I work fulltime in the accounting department at a pretty large newspaper.

Wait - is THAT who I am?

I play competitive co-ed dodgeball - I'm also on the board of directors, I ref quite a bit as well - I'm pretty good too, which is surprising because I was never any good at sports at all. And trust me - dodgeball is a sport.

I run -  A LOT. But I'm not sure if I would classify myself as a 'runner' - those people are weird. In 2011 I resolved to run a total of 1000 km's - and I ended the year with 1022...success. I'm still overweight by 20 lbs though...soooo....

I LOVE to sing - others don't always love to hear it (jealousy I'm sure)...I think I should be in a musical on Broadway. I've been practising my autograph since I was 6 years old.

The truth is, and I'm not looking for sympathy or disagreement here - people hate me. Why you say? Who cares. They're dumb. Well, maybe they're not all dumb. It's been happening my entire life - I've never quite 'fit in' anywhere. I go out of my way to do things to make people happy - I can also go out of my way to make people feel small...if they've made me feel small. I am a perfectionist, an un-proven overachiever.. and just as much effort I put in to try to make you love me, I can equally put in to make sure you hate me, and maybe even hate yourself...I guess its comfortable for me to feel hated - or I'm just a terrible selfish b*tch. Perhaps a mix of the two. You'll read future posts that prove my feelings of being hated...there's a lot of funny stories. After all, at the end of the day - laughter is the cure.

I'm pretty funny - it might be at my own expense - and most times yours..hey, if we can't laugh at ourselves...

Growing up I always wanted to be a french teacher - looking at it now after realizing that other peoples kids make me crazy and I don't have a lot of patience - I probably just liked writing on chalk boards - and so there is one in my kitchen. They say that dreams do come true - you just may not realize you had them until they happen..or something cheesy like that..

That's all you're getting of me for now..it's lunch time.

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