30 January 2012


Had a super great weekend. Wanted to blog about it along the way, but didn't seem to sit down for 2 whole days.

Friday night I had to ref a game of Dodgeball - the teams were pretty competitive and I had to yell a lot...SO therapeutic! Then, we played. We won - I really don't remember the score. My kids were with their dad this weekend but my daughter wanted to come home for the night so we picked her up and watched some PVR'd Law & Orders that we have been saving for just this occasion.

We had a slow start Saturday morning, my cat Henry was looking for some attention - love that cat.

We decided we would get in a little geocaching - it was pretty rainy and gross outside - which is a perfect time to geocache - gets you outside, and you seriously ignore the weather and feel like a kid. It was SUPER WINDY - like, the cold wind that bites your face and makes your eyes water..we found a few caches before we dropped her off. Then we headed out to the country for a few more. There are certain 'multi-caches' where the starting co-ordinates take you to a 'clue' - usually some sort of math equation or logic puzzle - that help you determine the co-ordinates to where the cache actually lives..I've done one before, this was my husbands first. I am amazed at the amount of 'hidden' or 'lost' old cemeteries there are in our area - I appreciate geocaching for the places it has taken me to and the history I have learned about my very own town that I would have NEVER seen or learned about in any other way.

My husband is a garage door technician - he's the King Of Doors...or something crazy like that. Anyway, he had a job called in and we had to cut our caching short. Perfect time for me to get my nails done..and a quick trip to Homesense.

I LOVE Homesense - its a good time wasting store. I also have an addiction to good, giant mugs for my tea. I didn't find any for myself but I did buy a pretty awesome mug for my younger sister who is turning 30 in February - and nothing says you're old like a mug for your birthday. Meanwhile, as I was waiting in line at the cash I saw this curious little fella - i'm almost certain he's the Party Pooper in his group of peers.

Who invents this stuff?

Saturday night turned into an all in, drag out, to the death tournament of euchre - just Mike & I. We're both very competitive - but I am ALWAYS the winner. Take that Mike!

We set the satellite radio station to all 90's music - was nostalgic and so fun!

That turns out to be all I remember about Saturday night - I'm not a big drinker, but apparently I was that night. - I'm pretty sure I was still in bed asleep by 10:30.

We woke up early Sunday morning and dedicated the day to geocaching. I had introduced my inlaws (who are in their late 50's) about a month ago - and they are OBSESSED. The geocaching website tracks the number of finds you have and right now they have more than I do - - I just cannot have that. The morning was sunny and beautiful - truly felt like a spring day! About noon it started to snow - we hadn't really noticed, we were pretty bundled up. By 4 o'clock it was a full out blizzrd and we were in the middle of a forest - SO peaceful and beautiful. At that point we thought we'd call it a day. 18 caches found - thats the most I have ever found in one day. 

 This is how my front lawn looked when we finally got home:

We spent the balance of the evening shovelling the driveways for every family member we know - because I am not one to turn down a good shovelling workout!

Good, good weekend :)

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  1. ;-) I gave my bonus babies reindeer that "pooped" for Christmas. I never saw two children giggle so much. . . except for when I put that silly "talking tom" app on my cell phone.