9 February 2012

Armpit of Ontario

I live in a city known as Steel Town .. we used to make steel here - there's giant mills all along the highway as you drive through to get to a better place. We probably still do, but after reading endless reports about lock-outs and soaring unemployment due to US companies being jerkfaces I've kinda lost track.

this is what you see as you drive by on the highway - breathtaking!

They call us the armpit of Ontario.
We have a crappy CFL team and an even crappier AHL team - I hate both sports so this doesn't bother me.
All of the shops (what's left and not boarded up) in our downtown core close at 6 pm - then the prostitutes move in and the homeless set up their beds for the night. The hooligans, crack heads and crazy people never seem to leave. We have cameras all throughout - who knows if anyone actual watches them.

We have a beautiful bayfront park - but most days in the summer the water is too polluted to swim in, fishing is allowed, but you wouldn't dare eat anything you catch, as per normal Lake Ontario rules.

I have lived here since the 17th day of my 16th year when I moved out on my own. Until recently I have never considered this place 'home' - and mostly because I believed that all this city had to offer was what I wrote above. 

Silly me.

This city has given me hours of sanctuary along the Bruce Trail, the Rail Trail, and the crazy-super-awesome-make-you-want-to-die stairways throughout the city taking you up and down the mountain (Niagara Escarpment) 498 steps each way -Now THAT is breathtaking!

Wentworth Stairs - 498 steps one way
Hamilton-Brantford Rail Trail

Most people would be surprised to learn that not only do we have a high population of really fucking stupid people, but we also have over 100 waterfalls - pfft! armpit of Ontario. My kids and I LOVE hiking through the trails and happening upon one of these beautiful majestic places.

Sherman Falls

It truly is a pity that people driving through only know us as our smelly plants along the highway - if they would only stop for a few short hours they would learn of the great oasis that awaits.

I suppose after almost 17 of living in this city I am ready to call it home - for now at least. After all, this city has given me my kids - best thing ever.

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