7 February 2012

Bitch, get over me.

My ex-husbands wife is in love with me.

Or so it seems.

I am really awesome, so I get it. I'm funny, and gorgeous and if I wasn't me goddamnit - I would want to be.

Anyway, back to my not-so-secret admirer.

In the last 4 years I have had to endure hours of ranting text messages from this lunatic because she doesn't like that when I need to speak to him about our children - I text my ex. She takes her insanity to new lengths, trying to cause rifts between my children and myself - but that didn't work. She's contacted Children's Aid to report what she says is neglect - they spoke with my children, and then her - now she is not allowed to be there when they visit their dad. I guess that didn't work either. She's called my work - complaining that I am harassing her during work hours because after 20 or so messages I tell her to leave me the fuck alone. That proved to be fruitless to her as well. She's not only called my current wonderful, patient husband and tried to convince him that I am still in love with my ex - but on the eve of a vacation we were taking she sent by registered mail a 4 page typed document of how she believes I am crazy and he should leave me.

Last week, after 6 straight hours of  'stay away from my man you dirty wh*re c*nt" I changed my phone number.

5 glorious, sweet, silent, wonderful days.

Bitch got my number and started again. I ignored it for half of the day before replying : I changed my number so this would stop - leave me the fuck alone

Last night as I was rounding the corner to my house after a 5k run I noticed 2 cruisers sitting outside of my house. It didn't take me a split second to understand why they were there.

Bitch called the police. Seems after stalking me and getting my new phone number and blasting bullshit my way all day she was now feeling harassed because I told her to leave me alone. I explained the above to those police and they quietly left with their tales between their legs.

This is why I hate girls, and could never be a lesbian.

Bitch needs to get over me.


  1. Wow. Beat that bitch up wtf. Better yet, restraining order for harassment. What a dam psycho.

  2. Ugh - apparently because I replied to her (sometimes a lot) and because she doesn't actually threaten physical harm - they won't do a fucking thing.

    So I'm stuck with the bitch.

  3. That's crazy. So crazy. I would....I don't know...glad you have great support!

  4. Damn the bitch! How you haven't sliced her throat by now is an accomplishment! I think it's funny how she is not allowed to be there when the ex has the kids! Psycho!

  5. I don't know how you haven't murdered this lady by now. Get a life lady, or don't hook up with a dude who has kids. Get the fuck over yourself.