8 February 2012

Full of it

If it wasn't a full moon I would probably jump off of a bridge.
Since there WAS a full moon last night, I can understand the apparent increase in really fucking stupid people.

I'm not really hate filled, but I am super intolerant of dumb assed-ness. From the girl at Tim Hortons who 'forgets' to stir my overly priced tea - oh wait, and the fucking tea bag, the co-worker beside me who has spent the entire morning convinced her furnace isn't working properly because her vacuum is broken and she hasn't been able to vacuum her cat hair up in 2 days (she's going home at lunchtime to make sure her pipes haven't frozen..??), to my arch-nemesis co-worker who has decided my obsession with ordering glasses on-line means I am willing to be her personal shopper and choose a few pairs she might like and can choose a pair from - bitch, I don't even like YOU.

They say there are definite behaviour and physical changes with the full moon, some police forces still put more officers on the street during a full moon because of it. Some surgeons refuse to operate on patients during a full moon because the blood doesn't clot as well resulting in increased bleed out deaths.

In the end, I am still awesome, I don't have my jumping shoes on, and with the use of elastic bands as weapons I am keeping the stupid people at bay.


  1. Be my friend. Please! Haha! I agree with you, a full moon truly does bring out the crazy. I didn't realize it was a full moon, but it does explain a lot. Like how my dogs have been grumpy. Jebus please tell me they aren't going to start howling at the moon tonight. Eep!

    1. Okay! Ha!

      I have come to realize that when it seems that the World of Dumbass seems to be overtaking the people in my life I check the moon phase first..it at least alleviates the need to try and understand! Hope your dogs didn't keep you up!

    2. I'm going to have to start doing that too. Usually, when I notice it in the sky, I think about it and my weird day then makes more sense. I remember when I was a pharmacy technician, we would get more people trying to pass fake prescriptions and things like that during a full moon. I have not a single doubt that the moon affects us.

      Oh they didn't bark or howl or anything. Not that I would have heard it. Thank you, Ambien! Ha!