1 February 2012

Hump Day

It's February, it's hump-day, the sun is shining and I continue to maintain my 100% survival rate.

Life is good.

2 years ago I was in Cuba on this day.
1 year ago I was in the Dominican.


Mike and I made the decision to not go anywhere warm and awesome this winter. When we went to Cuba in 2010 it was our first time going on a trip to an all inclusive resort, and from the very second we stepped off of the plane we were hooked.

I think it's super important for a couple to find paradise time - no work, no responsibilities, NO KIDS. Just couple love time - and reading time, and drinking time.

But alas, it is not in the cards for us this winter like I said. Somewhat a financial thing, but mostly because we have no where to park the kids, and locking them in the cellar with a loaf of bread and jug of water is frowned upon. Dumb I say.

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