15 May 2012

5 random things.

Happy Tuesday!

Here are some things:

1. I hurt my back playing my final regular season dodgeball game last night. I'm pretty pissed about it. But I WAS pretty awesome, so fair trade.

2. My youngest son is on a cruise (Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, France) with my parents - who, when I was 5 or 6 promised if I put all of my allowance money into 'the can' we would save up and one day go to Disney World. I'm still waiting bitches.

3. For mother's day my husband said he would build me a new wooden arbour for my garden entrance since the metal one we currently have is bending from the weight of the giant rose bush that climbs around it (NOBODY appreciates an out of control bush). Anyway - we made our way to Home Depot and bought wood - NOT for the arbour, but for the front steps he decided suddenly to rebuild. ._. 

4. I'm not sure if you know this, but I have a lunatic on my hands. On Thursday night I guess there was another physical 'incident' - my exes wife attacked him in another drunken rage - biting chunks of skin out of him like an animal. He called the police and she was arrested & taken to jail. He had to work all day Saturday and asked if my daughter could babysit her 2 1/2 year old brother - I said it would be fine, but not at their house since she was out on bail and would definitely come to take the baby. So to my house he came! He's a cute little guy. Anyway, not 20 minutes in and she was at my door screaming for her son. The police came and sent her packing - and left her baby with me. Now THAT is karma bitch.

5. I went to a wedding on Friday night - they read their vows from their cell phones - and before they were pronounced man & wife the minister said 'it's not official until it's on Facebook' and instructed them to pull their phones out yet again to update their relationship status'. Weird.

That's all you get for now.

1 comment:

  1. Damn! That psycho is still at it? Some people never learn! Funny how the cops sent her away from your house without her kid! Karma indeed!

    Phones and facebook have no business being part of a wedding! Technology has killed romance!