3 May 2012

the b!tch is back.

I've lost total count on how many times I've started a post only to stop dead in my tracks and delete it. It still might happen to this post, I guess we shall have to see.

It's Thursday. I woke up this morning and my first thought was that it was Friday - total fail. But is it? The feelings on a Friday morning are ones of happiness and adoration - and the feeling that no matter what happens during the course of your work day, you can totally get through it, it is only one day until Saturday afterall! So - for a brief half second I felt that way this morning - and since it is truly only Thursday I will feel it again tomorrow morning - that's like a two for one bonus - and sort of like a long weekend! - well, maybe not quite so awesome but you get the point, yes? I'm a bitch that looks on the bright side.

Did I ever tell you about the crazy lunatic my ex-husband is married to? Yeah, well, she strikes again! *Apparently* they're getting a divorce - and without spending too much time on the details that really don't fucking matter to me at all I will say this: they are 'maritally separated' but still living in the same house (until it sells they say) because at this point with a collective 6 kids and only one non-governmental handout income neither can afford to live alone. My kids have not been allowed to visit their dad at that house because she continues to say it is not in their best interests to go there - with no explanation - other than the obvious one that she's a friggin' lunatic. This past Monday she proceeded to hack into his Facebook account and post a pretty nasty delicious rant on my wall about how I am the reason they are getting divorced and how terrible of a mother I am to my children. Of course she didn't make mention of how clearly she has fallen off of the diving board into a giant pool of lunacy. I have been trained in first aid - but nothin' can save this bitch.

Have I mentioned that I am pretty certain she has found this blog and it quite possibly reading this post right now? Weird how over the past few days my 'pages viewed' has gone up a crazy amount. So - Hi you crazy bitch, I'm glad you can see this. Now go and get some damn help.

That's all for now. 


  1. Just fling a dodgeball in that bitches face and knock her into sanity! There's nothing I hate more than psychotic stalkers!

  2. imagine? That would be a dream come true. I may put some more thought into this team of people I hate and want to throw balls at!