24 May 2012

Happy Birthday Vicki!

This past past weekend was Victoria Day in my fine country. Happy Birthday queenie.
Mostly it's a great day because it is a federal holiday - on a Monday. SO good.
Perfect, perfect, PERFECT weather!
The kids were all with their 'others' this weekend.
My younger sister and her fiancĂ©e drove 5 hours to spend 3 glorious days suffering from a serious case of Porch-itis with us. Here is how it went:

0. wake up
1. kill my sister at lawn darts
2. sit on porch and drink
3. destroy my sister at lawn darts
4. drink on porch
5. show my sister how super awesome I am at lawn darts
6. drink, porch
7. have a mass unexpected group nap on porch
8. drink, drink, drink
9. repeat steps 1-8 until bedtime

On Sunday night at dusk one of the men on our street organized a fireworks display - it was great to hang out with all of the neighbours (who don't talk to me, apparently I'm not approachable - I think maybe my awesomeness is a little too shiny for some).

Totally necessary retreat from reality.

please notice the brand new stairs my super awesome husband built

I took Tuesday off as well so that I could pick my son up from his 2 week lonnnnnng trip with my parents to Europe. I also dropped off my oldest daughter at school wayyy too early in the morning so she could catch the coach bus taking her grade 8 class to Camp Kilcoo for the next 3 days...it's like a revolving door of children. 

That's all I have for now. 

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