7 June 2012

No Pain - No Gain, Bitches.

Yesterday was National Running Day.

I was able to rack up a nice little 17.86km's. During a thunderstorm, in the forest. There is not too many smells as intoxicating as a forest during rain. SO good. That puts me at a total of 715 km's so far since January 1. My goal of 1500 for 2012 doesn't seem so far now!

What's better though? My husband surprising me by meeting me halfway! That is why I love the guy. I never would have finished as strong if he wasn't there, it definitely pushed me through.

My legs don't love me today however, and I had a terrible sleep because of it.

No pain, no gain bitches.

That is all for now.

6 June 2012


de·flate v. de·flat·edde·flat·ingde·flatesv.tr.1.a. To release contained air or gas from.
b. To collapse by releasing contained air or gas.
2. To reduce or lessen the size or importance of: Losing the contest deflated my ego.
3. Economics
a. To reduce the amount or availability of (currency or credit), effecting a decline in prices.
b. To produce deflation in (an economy).

Yes, I think it's safe to say all of the above completely relates to my life at this very moment. Let me explain.

1 (a) I woke up this morning after yet another night of restless sleep, dragged my self into the bathroom - no friggin' toilet paper. Great. Out to the van - flat fucking tire. Awesome.

1 (b) Once I arrived at work this morning I noticed my worst case scenario has been realized. My yoga ball has deflated. After a year of service. It's funny because yesterday afternoon when I left for my lunchtime walk all was ok - I noticed when I returned that my ball seemed a little sad. I'm certain that our Health & Safety nazi representative stuck a pin in it while I was gone. She hates that I have it - and debunks all positive research that has been done. Whatever. Now I'm stuck sitting in a regular office chair until I can find the time to get a new ball - and I can already feel my lower back screaming.

2. On my way in this morning I was listening to a man on the radio speak. He lost his legs in a tragic accident years and years ago - and this Monday he'll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money to help with the water crisis is Africa. This increased the nagging feeling I have in my gut, I want to do something. I need to change something.

3 (a) Before work this morning, and at the very moment I realized I had a flat tire - 1 kid needs $15 for a school trip, one needs $17 for a grad dance and something else, I have no idea..and another one needs $45 for a grad dinner and yearbook - oh wait, and bus tickets. So, off to the store I go.

3 (b) That's all I have for now, but it was free.

5 June 2012

Hot Off The Press (I work at a newspaper, this is fitting)

8 things that are pissing me off right now. They are PMS exaggerated, but relevant none the less. (not in any particular order)

  1. I am sitting at my desk staring at my computer. I seem to ALWAYS be doing this. No further forward, same old thing day after day. I'm bored and uncreative at work and its getting tiring. I should do something else, but at least for the immediate future I have security and benefits and not such a bad pay cheque. ho hum.
  2. My bedroom is a disaster. Like, a 15 year girl snuck in and dumped my clothes all over the place. It's terrible and I don't know how my husband doesn't yell at me. Maybe he understands that after all of the things that have to be done every single day the least of my worries is clothes on the floor of the one room you can close the door to and expect no one else can see it. I think they say the state of your bedroom reflects the state of your mental health or something like that - and yes, I am messy in my head. This morning I woke up and looked around and thought if tomorrow morning I didn't wake up - THIS is what the paramedics would have to trudge through just to get my stinking dead body out of the house. So, cleaning my room is back on the list. I suppose its pretty hypocritical anyway from my kids point of view.
  3. We lost our semi-final women's dodgeball game last night - I could go on and on as to why I think we lost and who's fault it is. But I won't. I will say that a comment was made by our captain and I'm not sure if it was directed at me or the girl beside me - 'there's no I in team, but there sure is a U in c*nt" Nice. Our next season begins in two weeks and I don't want to play on her team. That attitude is not how I represent myself and I most definitely don't want to be associated with it. But alas, it is too late for me to jump ship and switch to another team, plus more than half of the people on our team are friends that I just brought in - I couldn't desert them.
  4. As well as feeling like I'm going to be found dead in a room filled with evidence of my shopping addiction, I'm also not 'looking forward' to anything. I require something awesome to be forthcoming to get me through the mundane occurrences of everyday crap. Not even the weekend holds excitement or relaxation. I'm spending all of my time taxi-ing kids to and fro, cleaning, cooking, watching games, defusing conflict etc etc etc. This IS the life of a mother of 4 - I get that. but it shouldn't mean I have to be miserable - and to avoid that I need something to look forward to. For example - a friggin' vacation would be nice.
  5. Bed bugs. We don't have them - but I saw a commercial for some bed bug product last night before I fell asleep and now i'm feeling all wiggy. Nasty.
  6. I need a pedicure - REALLY badly. 1st world problem, I know. The thing is, because I'm a runner I've lost a toe nail. It happens to all of us - the force of your toe constantly banging against the end of your shoe causes trauma to your nail and it falls off. Embarrassing to have to explain to a woman who most likely doesn't speak English. And also - I have no damn time. Ugh.
  7. I have two kids graduating from grade 8 this month - from two different schools. BOTH ceremonies are on the same day at the same friggin' time. Great. So I'm missing one of them. What else? I also have a daughter in another school that is graduating from grade 6 (that school ends at that grade) - and you guessed it - same day, same time. I'm pretty sure all 3 schools got together and planned it this way just to spite me.
  8. Yesterday I spent extra time and effort on my hair and makeup - and my husband didn't even notice. No compliments, no nothing. LOVE that.
That is all for now.