6 June 2012


de·flate v. de·flat·edde·flat·ingde·flatesv.tr.1.a. To release contained air or gas from.
b. To collapse by releasing contained air or gas.
2. To reduce or lessen the size or importance of: Losing the contest deflated my ego.
3. Economics
a. To reduce the amount or availability of (currency or credit), effecting a decline in prices.
b. To produce deflation in (an economy).

Yes, I think it's safe to say all of the above completely relates to my life at this very moment. Let me explain.

1 (a) I woke up this morning after yet another night of restless sleep, dragged my self into the bathroom - no friggin' toilet paper. Great. Out to the van - flat fucking tire. Awesome.

1 (b) Once I arrived at work this morning I noticed my worst case scenario has been realized. My yoga ball has deflated. After a year of service. It's funny because yesterday afternoon when I left for my lunchtime walk all was ok - I noticed when I returned that my ball seemed a little sad. I'm certain that our Health & Safety nazi representative stuck a pin in it while I was gone. She hates that I have it - and debunks all positive research that has been done. Whatever. Now I'm stuck sitting in a regular office chair until I can find the time to get a new ball - and I can already feel my lower back screaming.

2. On my way in this morning I was listening to a man on the radio speak. He lost his legs in a tragic accident years and years ago - and this Monday he'll be climbing Mt Kilimanjaro to raise money to help with the water crisis is Africa. This increased the nagging feeling I have in my gut, I want to do something. I need to change something.

3 (a) Before work this morning, and at the very moment I realized I had a flat tire - 1 kid needs $15 for a school trip, one needs $17 for a grad dance and something else, I have no idea..and another one needs $45 for a grad dinner and yearbook - oh wait, and bus tickets. So, off to the store I go.

3 (b) That's all I have for now, but it was free.

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